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Looking for an American school supplies international consolidator or a British school supplies international consolidator? EquipMySchool arranges for school supplies delivered internationally everywhere in the world. International consolidation of school supplies is our speciality. 

We consolidate while you educate. EquipMySchool.com makes your life simple with all-in-one delivery and all-in-one invoicing.

EquipMySchool.com is our online store for schools around the world. 

It is free to use, and fast. With a database of over 19 million items, it is easy to find what you need and to shop prices between different vendors. We supply over 280 International schools worldwide with everything from MakerBots and MacBooks to pencils, textbooks, instruments and playground equipment, and all at great prices.

Our package is very competitive, as most publishers do not allow full discounts on textbooks. Items from charitable organisations, Internet-based companies and suppliers who charge shipping and/or handling are charged at the international catalogue price plus an appropriate service charge.  We even handle the customs process and can arrange delivery directly to your door. Simply place your order – that’s it. That’s all.

You can build your school’s entire bulk order in just 1-3 weeks. Just set a budget for each classroom, and teachers build their list of ‘needs’ and ‘wishes.’

Once compiled, the teachers submit their orders to their supervisor for review. The supervisor can approve or deny the order. This goes this way up your administrative chain until orders for all classrooms are approved. When all orders are fully approved, the bulk order is released to us for fulfilment.

There are versions in United States Dollars or British Pounds Sterling. If you already have a document that you use for internal purposes then please submit your orders in that format.

Are you looking for an International School Consolidation service for Lakeshore, Demco, and Houghton Mifflin teacher supplies? Want more information about the suppliers we carry and the ways we save schools money, time and stress? Explore EquipMySchool.com. Please visit the link and click ‘Register’ on the upper left-hand side. 

Let us arrange international school supplies delivery to Angola, including quotes for Lakeshore and School Specialty. 

Interested in Demco delivery to your school? We provide school supplies delivery to India.

We are an international purchasing and consolidation agent with school supplies delivered to China. International purchasing agent you can count on, for American and British schools located worldwide. Interested in School supplies assistance near me, EquipMySchool is the solution.

EquipMySchool delivers everywhere in the world, including Vietnam, Nigeria, Uganda, Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Morocco, South Korea, Brunei, Romania, Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, Zambia, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Switzerland, Thailand, The Philippines, Tanzania, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, The Netherlands, China, Cambodia, Niger, Burkina Faso, Myanmar, Italy, Tunisia and Liberia. School supplies delivery Nigeria. School Specialty delivered to you. School supplies are delivered to Vietnam or anywhere in the world.

Receive school supplies discount prices and freight at cost. We consolidate while you educate!