Overseas Consolidation Service

When it is the time of the year to buy school supplies, you need a bulk consolidation service for schools.  Your purchaser might consider turning to an overseas procurement portal as a solution.

We can provide you with pricing referencing an existing spreadsheet for any orders you have under consideration.  Additionally, EquipMySchool.com is an online source for over 280 International American and British schools worldwide.  Whether you need Lakeshore delivered Thailand or Macbooks delivered Peru, we supply everything you need from MakerBots and MacBooks to pencils, textbooks, instruments and playground equipment, and all at competitive pricing to make budgets smile.  Whether you need American textbooks in Morocco or British textbooks in the Philippines, we are your solution.

You may have discussed implementing an international school budget management system; we are an International consolidator and our superior attention to detail in consolidation and customs ensures your order for school supplies arrives quickly, and in pristine condition.   What’s more, your purchasing team can build your school’s entire bulk order in just one to three weeks by utilizing our web shop. With an overseas educational purchasing app, life is more productive and easier, too.  After all you have your own customs broker and remote Purchasing agent in America.  

We have our own proprietary school budget management software, one of a kind in the world.  Our fast, efficient online shopping experience makes it easy to compare prices between vendors, and our free software allows you to set a budget for each classroom, so teachers can compile their list of ‘needs’ and ‘wishes’ by shopping at Equipmyschool.com.  For the order to be released, it must first be approved by your leadership team.  

Once compiled, the teachers simply submit their orders for review, and their direct superior approves or denies the order.  This goes this way all the way up the chain until it is fully approved. As you can see, the process for purchasing International school supplies and Importing school supplies now goes very quickly, which is a help any time of year!

Importing textbooks can be a trial, which is why many turn to International School Supply through ourselves.  Best of all, you receive the same pricing as in the US or the UK.  We also provide significant savings in freight. When shipping direct from vendors, freight often runs 25% of the overall cost of materials.  However EquipMySchool provides consolidated shipments by sea, via negotiated bulk rates. You receive the same freight costs that we receive- International School Freight  with reliable delivery timelines.  We work with all major carriers around the world and arrange for bulk pricing, all passed on to you.

You may be curious how your current process compares, so please visit EquipMySchool’s FAQ page to learn about our advantages with Overseas School Order Processing  in further detail.  

We have a friendly and super-efficient team standing by to assist, so please don’t hesitate to reach out, whether your questions are regarding International School Supplies or anything else.  With many decades of combined experience under our collective belt, chances are we can help you out a great deal. As an American school supplies international consolidator with a reputation that is unmatched, with us you are in good hands.  We work with all your favorite educational suppliers, and are always looking for new partnerships.   Have someone in mind you don’t see on our list? Just let us know the materials you’d like and we will be delighted to procure them for you.

As you may know firsthand, many of our competitors cannot offer the kind of constant contact and detailed support we work so hard to provide.  This is why EquipMySchool especially shines, as both an American and a British school supplies international consolidator.  

From playground material to custom-printed planners, pens and pins, we are always glad to assist.  First we provide you with a detailed quote for you to approve- we are not happy until you are happy.  Once you have reviewed all the lines and are ready to move forward, this American International consolidator is ready to release your orders.  (And as mentioned, we are a British International consolidator as well.)

It would be our pleasure to help with your next order, and to change the way you think about equipping your school.  To consider us for upcoming purchases, register on EquipMySchool.com and check out our free web shop.  We operate as your own customs broker and remote Purchasing agent in UK.

And of course, if you already have a pending order compiled via spreadsheet, we are happy to quote for you off your spreadsheet so you can easily compare your options.